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Buy now in our hot summer sizzler sale…

It’s that time of year again.  


Sometimes it promises much and delivers little. Other times, as it has in the last 2 weeks, it literally scorches us into submission.

But do you know who I really feel sorry for at this unpredictable and fickle time of year? (Apart from the elderly, children and pets of course.) It’s those companies trying to sell us their seasonal wares – or in some cases their usual wares with a seasonal twist.

The four Ps of marketing are dead?

According to a self-proclaimed ‘digital prophet’ the four Ps of marketing are dead.

If it has been a while since you picked up a marketing textbook, let me remind you that the four Ps refer to product, price, promotion and place. When I formally studied marketing they were the foundations on which all marketing plans were based.

Has the shock General Election result shown the importance of youth targeting?

It is no secret that a vast number of young people not only voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be Britain’s Prime Minister but some actually registered to vote because of his influence.

According to the National Union of Students, Britain’s youth turned out in record numbers, with up to 75% of 18-to-24-year-olds voting; a whopping 66% of this group is thought to have voted Labour.

So, how did Labour do it?

They researched their audience and used the ever-so-powerful social media.

Overcoming buyers’ remorse

BMW 3-series

As marketers, we are aware of the psychology of marketing and how buying decisions affect consumers differently. I’m thinking here specifically about the phenomenon known as cognitive dissonance or buyers’ remorse.

The route to content marketing success

Man in suit carrying rocket

There are three areas in which you should concentrate your content marketing efforts - planning, distribution and measurement.

Can a tiny Tina Turner revamp your brand?

We’ve all seen them – the TV adverts that just work and go viral within a matter of minutes. And after several attempts at cracking their audience, it seems the AA may have found their winning ticket.

If you haven’t seen the latest ad for its new campaign ‘Because Anything Could Happen’, you can view it here:

Let’s all take a moment to give the AA a round of applause…

What can we learn from The Beatles?

The Beatles single covers

It’s 50 years since The Beatles released the iconic Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album; an album that changed the way in which the industry looked at music.

Until The Beatles walked in to the studio on the 24th November 1966, artists had simply used the recording studio as a way to recreate, as closely as they possibly could, their live performances.