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Making your Instagram account stand out

Setting up an Instagram account

Are you stuck in a rut with your business’ Instagram account?

When scanning your images, perhaps you notice that, while there’s nothing that seems to be ‘bad’, it just doesn’t look very exciting.

At OlsenMetrix, we regularly undertake a full review of our social media content, platforms and opportunities to make sure we’re taking full advantage of the features the various platforms offer.

Content marketing: Creation versus curation

The definition of content

We’re all familiar with the concept that ‘content is king’. Few would argue against this in the constantly shifting marketing landscape.

Content marketing has pretty much taken over the B2C marketing world. It has also become increasingly important in the B2B environment. It’s now outstripping many other forms of marketing as online platforms continue to replace offline ones.

Is this airline’s reputation up in the air?

Have you heard the news about Ryanair?

Good old Ryanair has been in the news again… and not for a good reason either.

The dust seems to have (just about) settled after it cancelled more than 2,000 flights, affecting 315,000 passengers, thanks to a mix-up over its pilots’ holiday rota.

How culture is causing unicorn chaos

Smiling man riding a Unicorn throwing money

Culture. That new-age word that is supposed to be the culmination of values, practices and beliefs that are shared by members of a group (or company in this context).

And, whilst it is not something that can be seen and touched, it is quite clearly present in an organisation’s actions, behaviours and approaches to their staff and customers.