Five ways to improve your content marketing

Content still rules when it comes to effective digital marketing. And, while the OlsenMetrix team works in the content marketing milieu on a daily basis, we recognise that there is always room for improvement. After all, if we stop learning and keeping up with what’s new, we stagnate – don’t we?

There are plenty of ways to improve your content marketing. Here are our top five.

Marketing leads are coming home

Bringing the marketing leads home

The chances are that you, along with the rest of the country, are now fully immersed in England’s World Cup journey. The light bulb has switched on and you’ve started to take notice. You know when the next game is and who they’re playing. You’ve pencilled Sunday’s final into your diary and you’ve even considered buying a piece (just one) of memorabilia.

The hype has won. They’ve pulled you in and you’ve been converted.

Ch ch changes

“Like yesterday today is not, and tomorrow, different from today, will be”.

Yoda paraphrasing Philip Kotler, often referred to as the father of marketing.

Yoda and Kotler two of the wisest gurus if ever there were… even though one of them is a fictional character from Star Wars!