A highly tenuous marketing lesson that deserves some credit for trying…

Lessons to help score a marketing bullseye

Why is it that celebrity deaths always come in threes? 

Ken Dodd, Jim Bowen and Stephen Hawking devastatingly demonstrated this point all too convincingly last week. 

So, in an effort to inspire and educate – whilst acknowledging the legacy these three gentlemen will leave for different reasons – I’ve compiled a list of marketing lessons; beautifully (or tenuously as it may seem) linked to what they were best known for…

Virtually impossible?

Is it time to start using VR?

Technological advances never fail to amaze me. But virtual reality (VR) – and its ability to transform customer engagement – is a whole new level.

There was much excitement in the office this week when a trade magazine we often receive arrived showcasing augmented reality (AR). By simply scanning a code on the magazine, with a smart device, a video news round-up of the magazine contents played.