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Whether you are trying to develop your brand reputation and build awareness, or manage a crisis and reach out to the media, public relations covers a variety of things. Using our experience, we can help you to frame your key messages in the right way, targeting the right people at the right time.

Reputation Development

Your reputation is defined by what people say and think about you – which is influenced by how you position yourself, frame and deliver your key messages.

By exposing yourself to the media, your customers, and their influencers, in a positive and controlled manner, we are able demonstrate your expertise and capabilities. We align you within the key communities, creating positive partnerships and alliances with other organisations and affiliates.

Where opportunities exist to win or be shortlisted, we enter local and industry awards to further cement your reputation around your key messages.

Through media monitoring and reporting we are able to assess the impact of your key messages so that we can enhance and adapt them.

The Larkfleet Group of Companies has a long-standing relationship with the team at OlsenMetrix, who provide PR and communication services across the entire Larkfleet portfolio. Their ability to get to the heart of who we are and how we operate has meant that we can concentrate on delivering our core business objectives, while they focus on raising our brand profile, building relationships and managing our reputation.

Helen Jones – The Larkfleet Group of Companies

Media Relations

Journalists, bloggers and editors give access to audiences that are difficult to reach in other ways – and editorial coverage can have a huge impact on awareness, opinion and sales.

Each media outlet has different requirements. It is not sufficient simply to mail out a press release (although releases are still an important part of a good campaign). We integrate your media relations with your social media, your blog, newsletters and other communication channels.

With a team comprising ex-journalists and editors from newspapers, magazines and news websites, we speak the language and understand how to build relationships with them.

59% of business decision makers have experienced a crisis in their current or previous company.


Crisis Management

You may not be able to prevent a crisis from happening, but you can be prepared when it does.

We help you to put a Crisis PR Management Plan in place so you know how to handle the situation. We also act as part of your ‘crisis team’ that starts to implement the plan the moment things start to go wrong.

Communication plans, statements to the media, media monitoring, a social media strategy and media training for your spokespeople all come together to minimise the impact on your organisation.

Prior planning and preparation are key. But if you’re already firefighting a crisis, we can also help with damage limitation.

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