How to generate positive news for your business during COVID-19 lockdown

During these days of uncertainty, with many people understandably fearful, it’s vital to carry on marketing your business so that it’s well placed to bounce back when the coronavirus crisis has passed. The strategy you adopt and the tone you strike are all important. Any external communication during these unprecedented times – when many people are ill, and many are dying – has to be done with tact, empathy and mindful marketing.

7 tips on how to communicate with customers during the coronavirus crisis

Businesses small and large are grappling to get to terms with how they should behave during the COVID-19 pandemic. Getting to grips with the operational side of your business is the number one priority. A clear communications strategy – for your workforce, customers, investors and other stakeholders – is vital to help businesses to keep functioning at an operational level during the crisis and to ensure that they are able to quickly bounce back when the pandemic passes.